The Process

The tried and True

Our network of installers have combined years of experience and will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with the process. The window tinting process can appear to be simplistic, however, the precision required for installation requires experience and knowledge. Below we have included the general process of installation of the window tint / film as each of our installer’s may have different variations or approaches. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

What The Window Tinting Process Looks Like



Vehicle is taken to a dust and wind free location


Window Prep

Windows are cleaned using a soap and water solution and a sponge / squeegee to remove any dirt


Cutting & Shaping

The installer will measure the size of your vehicles windows and proceed to cut the film to fit those measurements. Once the film is cut, the installer will use a heat gun to contour the film to the shape of the window.


Precision Cut

Once the film is cut to the general shape of the vehicles window, it is then place on a working board where the installer will cut the film to the precise shape of the window. The installer will inspect the cut to determine whether it is satisfactory.



Initially, the film is applied to the window with a soap and water solution. A squeegee / scraper is used to remove excess solutions and any bubbles underneath the film to activate the adhesive that secures the film to the window. The installer will inspect the applied film (inside and out) to ensure quality.


Post Application

After the installer is satisfied with their work, the vehicle is returned to the owner. However, please note that it can take 3-5 days for the film to fully adhere to the window. To avoid any unwanted circumstances, do not lower or raise window for five days after application.